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Most to Least Lucky Zodiac Signs

    Most to Least Lucky Zodiac Signs

    Luckiest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

    1. Sagittarius

    By default, Sagittarius is first on this list. Jupiter, its governing planet, has historically been associated with fortune, kindness, and wealth. Life is a rich tapestry of valuable experiences and journeys for Sagittarius.

    By being the zodiac’s most optimistic sign, Sagittarius creates their own good fortune. They can find a silver lining in nearly all situations.

    2. Capricorn

    Capricorn may not be the first sign which comes to your mind as you think of “fortunate accidents,” but Capricorn is determined to achieve success regardless of the time required. That is a fortunate quality to possess.

    Capricorns have the ability to generate as much of their own good fortune as they require due to their determination to control their own destinies with merciless efficiency.

    3. Leo

    Everyone adores Leo! Leo especially adores Leo! Self-assurance is essential to an existence filled with good fortune. Leo attracts all types of positive energy from others because that is precisely what they anticipate.

    They are at ease communicating precisely what they need to an audience, and their presence is so captivating that people are typically eager to comply.

    4. Taurus

    Taurus is attracted to prosperity, attractiveness, and comfort. Their inherent appreciation for value and insistence on safety make them astute investors, and not just in terms of material wealth.

    Taurus’ sense of territory encompasses superior people and ideas in addition to exquisite objects. Simply, bad fate is not permitted on their property.

    5. Pisces

    When humans had not yet discovered planets beyond Saturn, Jupiter was also the ruler of Pisces. This position is currently held by Neptune, but many of the previous associations still apply.

    The finest talent of Pisces is empathy: the capacity to comprehend others on a profoundly emotional level. They have a knack for anticipating the needs of others and are quick to offer assistance, qualities that gain them a vast array of useful connections in their social and professional networks.

    6. Libra

    Honesty and equilibrium are Libra’s principal concerns, not luck. In fact, if Libra has a stretch of good fortune that lasts too long, they will begin to anticipate the inevitable downside.

    Libra is by no means a cynic, but they are typically acutely aware that everything has a downside (and vice versa). Fortunately, Libra can use their negotiation skills to increase their chances of avoiding this disadvantage for as long as feasible.

    7. Aquarius

    Aquarius is intelligent and clever, but also eccentric and frequently surrounded by forces of disorder and transformation. Sometimes these adjustments result in pleasant surprises and a fortunate turn of events. Frequently, they create annoying waste.

    Aquarius is one of the most adaptable signs, and they are adept at recognizing opportunities even in the direst circumstances. Their good fortune depends on their persistence in pursuing these opportunities.

    8. Aries

    Aries relies on brute force and are determined to succeed regardless of their good fortune. This frequently works to their advantage because they overcome every obstacle in their way. However, this strategy tends to attract a great deal of opposition.

    The zeal of Aries is admirable, but they will achieve success more quickly and frequently if they learn how to get what they want without turning everything into competition.

    9. Gemini

    Gemini, one of the most sociable zodiac signs, excels at impressing others and cooperating with others. The greatest difficulty for Gemini arises when they are forced to act alone; they simply cannot function well in isolation for very long. They require input, validation, and opinions from others.

    Gemini’s good fortune is contingent on the good fortune of others, which I consider to be bad fate.

    10. Virgo

    It is not true that Virgo attracts misfortune. Virgo just doesn’t believe in good luck. Virgo values lists, databases, and research, and whether something positive or negative occurs, they begin to seek patterns. This is not inherently a bad thing, but good luck cannot be replicated in the laboratory.

    Virgo has a tendency to become so engrossed in logic that they overlook new information that doesn’t suit their theory, causing them to miss a large number of unanticipated opportunities.

    11. Cancer

    If good fortune is determined by one’s demeanor, Cancer is doing itself no favors. This sign is typically defensive, passive-aggressive, and holds grievances indefinitely. Obviously, Cancers also have a sweet side, but because they’re naturally reserved and possessive, it’s difficult to access it.

    If you want to increase your good fortune, you must abandon your home and take a few risks, which is difficult for Cancer.

    12. Scorpio

    Pluto is the governing planet of Scorpio. Due to the fact that this planet is associated with tragedy and traumatic life lessons, Scorpio is logically last on this list.

    However, are Scorpios truly the unluckiest of the zodiac, or do they, like Pluto, flourish on drama and difficulty? Could it be that Scorpio enjoys misfortune? (And in that case, is their misfortune genuinely good luck? Scorpio is a paradox without end!)

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