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12 of the Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Bodyweight workouts are cardio and strength training.

Bodyweight Workouts

Boxing is a sweaty, demanding workout. High-intensity boxing 4 days a week was more effective at reducing belly fat.


A high-intensity, stable circuit exercise is  best for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Circuit Training

Cycling for weight loss is effective on spin bikes, road bikes, and cruisers.


HIIT works better than regular cardio for certain people, but why is unclear.

Interval Training

Jumping is a terrific technique to get your heart rate up and may be mixed with bodyweight strength exercises.


Rowing, another low-impact, full-body exercise, helps lose weight.


Jogging is great for weight loss if you don't overeat afterward.


Weightlifting boosts metabolism and helps you burn calories post-workout.

Strength Training

Swimming is a low-impact activity. It's helpful for folks who find other cardio too hard on their joints.


Believe it or not, raising your step count is a smart method for fat loss.


Yoga is safe and helpful for weight management. Yoga reduces stress, improves social bonds, and burns calories.


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