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3 Zodiac Signs Feel Deep Regret


Big or nothing. That's your credo, Leo, even though you know it's not always the greatest counsel.

You appreciate self-imposed "breaks." You're basically giving yourself an excuse to binge on whatever tempts you.

It may be food or something addictive, and you have to say no.

Moon square Jupiter tempts you to gluttony, but don't waste your life's accomplishments. Keep it in check.


You love giving yourself license to go crazy with something you love,

but you know yourself well enough to know this is about temptation and your ability to avoid it.

When Moon squares Jupiter, you may not be able to follow your own counsel and stay away.

This transit affects your logic, so you'll blame your actions on stress or an unpaid bill.


You live a disciplined life because you love it. You like routine and can resist temptation.

You're all in if it works, and you're out if it hurts you. You're strict and know how to maximize your life.

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