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3 Zodiac Signs Love The Wrong Person


Aries, are naturally attracted to new adventures and difficulties due to your fire sign, and this aspect may enhance such inclinations.

This may also contribute to your urge to try activities that are not necessarily realistic or feasible.

The scenario itself may be unpredictable, but you may wish to control it during this transit.

But, you've learned the hard way that you cannot control others, especially their reactions to you.


Leo, while the Moon is in aspect with Uranus, you may experience rapid and unexpected upheavals in your emotions.

Uranus can infuse you with a sense of energy and unpredictability, which can be both exhilarating and difficult.

This aspect can help you break free from boundaries and achieve new heights of self-expression and creativity

but Uranus might throw you off track, leading you to believe that the person you desire likes you.


You may feel more empowered to overcome any boundaries or constraints that have hindered your progress.

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