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5 Most Codependent Zodiac Signs


Pisces can make anyone happy. They help too soon. They prioritize relationships, especially with loved ones.

They lavish their loved ones with affection until the locals are satisfied. Aries is one of the most dependant signs.


Cancerians would do whatever to make their friends and family happy, even if it hurts.

Cancerians let their feelings show. Some people fear being alone and cannot live alone. 

Cancers are notoriously sensitive, aggressive, and merciless.


Scorpios need intimacy. They are incredibly secretive and demanding.

Scorpios, and water signs, are passionate and intense. These people love, care, and expect a lot from their loved ones.

They are incredibly close to everyone, making them vulnerable and shattering when loved ones don't fulfill them.


Geminis seek companionship and soothe themselves by sharing every element of their lives with loved ones.

Geminis will need to be told to quit talking. These reasonable people feel better with someone to listen and care for them.

They go hyper if anybody leaves them or if their strategy fails.

Geminis are smart and calm, yet others take advantage. Geminis keep them at away, but like everyone else, they need love and affection.

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