7 Amazing New Foods for Health

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1. Dorito-Crusted Corn

These stuffed ears of corn are the brainchild of Texas Steak Out.

Dorito-Crusted Corn

Avenues, and are topped with crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos and a healthy helping of nacho cheese sauce.

2. Cherry Bombs

You'd be forgiven for mistaking these balls of red licorice for deep-fried maraschino cherries.

 Cherry Bombs

Located between Underwood and Cooper Streets on the north side of Dan Patch Avenue, you'll find Vegie Fries serving them.

3. Bacon Up Pup

The Belgian waffle basis of this dessert is hidden by all its fancy trimmings. 

Bacon Up Pup

Avenues, skewers bacon-laced breakfast foods and then dips them in chocolate, drizzles them with maple syrup.

4. Memphis Totchos

This new take on tater tots can compete with Elvis's all-time favorite food. 

Memphis food

Snack House, located on the south concourse of Warner Coliseum, fries potato puffs to a golden crisp before topping them with banana slices.

5. Mini Sconuts

Bakery & Cafe, located on the north side of Carnes Avenue within Nelson and Underwood's Streets.

6. Pizzarito

The internet has found a new favorite meal in burritos to parody. From sushi burritos to burritos filled with burgers.

7. Bowl o' Dough

Get one at Blue Moon Dine-In Theater, which is located on the corner of Carnes Avenue and Chambers Street, to the northeast.

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