Benefits of Lemon Water

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Lemon water hydrates

Hydration is vital. Water is vital to health. It's challenging to get the recommended quantity. 

Lemon water hydrates

Lemon taste boosts water, encouraging you to drink more.

Lemon water helps lose weight

Lemon antioxidants prevent weight gain.

Lemons lower obesity in mice, according to many research. 

Lemon water helps skin

Hot or cold lemon water improves skin inside. 

Lemon water helps skin

believes vitamin C reduces skin aging, dryness, and UV damage. Lemon water may delay aging.

Lemon water helps digestion

Lemon water calms stomachs and laxatives. Ross says lemon water stimulates the digestive function.

Lemon water has several digestive advantages. Ross believes lemon acid breaks down meals. 

Lemon water boosts immunity

Vitamin C amazes. It helps build collagen, absorb iron, heal wounds, and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth.

Lemons include vitamin C, which boosts immunity and lowers cholesterol, promoting heart health. 

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