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Best Exercises for Men Over 40

Walkout or "inchworm" push-ups are a superb exercise that emphasizes closed chain, single-arm stability.

1. Walk Out Push-Ups

In addition, the movement causes pectoral, shoulder, and triceps compression.

Walk Out Push-Ups

The overhead squat is a versatile exercise that targets numerous fitness domains.

2. Overhead Squats

The movement requires you to concentrate not only on the position of your lower body during the squat, but also on the position of your upper body. 

Overhead Squats

Pull-ups are difficult for everyone, but particularly for men over the age of 40. 

3. Pull-Ups

But pull-ups have numerous benefits: they require high levels of strength and mobility.


In recent decades, the popularity of kettlebell swings has expanded, and for good reason. 

4. Kettlebell Swings

This exercise is superb for the overall development of explosive strength and power.

Kettlebell Swings

Lunges have a reputation as an exercise "for women" for some reason. 

5. Lunges

Lunges are excellent for developing the strength, balance, and mobility of a single limb.


This exercise is exceptional because it can be modified in numerous ways to make it more difficult or simpler. 

6. Dumbbell Thrusters

This exercise necessitates a "thrust" leading to a powerful, explosive movement, as the name suggests.

Dumbbell Thrusters

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