Best Exercises for Men To Lose Belly Fat

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Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks burn calories and warm you up. Jumping jacks alone don't work, but they're terrific in a fat-loss circuit.


Sprinting is rarely considered resistance training. 

Sprinting boosts metabolism and muscular building, unlike running and jogging.


Squats are our next belly fat-burning exercise for men.

Squats are essential to any workout, regardless of equipment. Bodyweight squat rhythmically for 30 seconds.


Pushups are in most military fitness programs for a reason. Pushups work the anterior chain without equipment.

Chest and shoulders are prioritized. This gives those areas a little extra exercise as you focus on the upper body.


Burpees are great for full-body metabolic blasts without equipment.

Burpees improve explosive power and total-body conditioning.


Lunges conclude this belly fat-burning circuit. Walking and alternate lunges are options.

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