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Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

The squat is the most effective exercise for the lower body. They are one of the finest knee pain exercises.

1. Squats

Safety will always be of the utmost importance when strengthening your knees and performing exercises. 


This exercise emphasizes forward and reverse motion.

2. Lunges

It engages the abdominal, buttock, hip, and quadriceps muscles. This exercise can be performed forwards or backwards. 


This exercise is similar to the squat, but the weight is held in a different position. 

3. Leg Press

Consequently, it engages the muscles differently. You could perform this exercise with either one or both legs. 

Leg Press

Consequently, we refer to it as a functional exercise.

4. Step Ups

It strengthens the muscles surrounding the knees and hips, thereby the lower body. 

Step Ups

Walking is typically less taxing on the knees and is a functional exercise. 

5. Walking 

Plus, we all could do it! Walking not only strengthens your bones when your feet strike the ground, but it also effectively exercises your heart and lungs. 


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