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Best Low-Impact Exercises for Weight Loss

Walking burns 200–300 calories per hour and improves heart and fitness.

1. Walking

Keep a moderate speed where you can chat but not sing.

As you get fitter, you can increase your RPE to make the workout harder. Try power walking to speak in short bursts.

Aerobic sports are a complete workout that improves cardio fitness and muscle strength without straining joints.

2. Swimming

It is the perfect low-impact workout because the water supports you.

A 160-pound person can burn 423 calories per hour swimming laps at a gentle or moderate pace or 402 calories in a water aerobics class.

By increasing speed or resistance, both low-impact exercises can boost intensity and calorie burn.

3. Bicycling

Moreover, they assist grow stronger leg muscles, providing additional support for your joints.

Planks are isometric exercises. I offer them to clients trying to build muscle and reduce joint tension.

4. Strength Training

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