Best Salad Recipes

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Loaded Broccoli Salad

People will be begging you to make this broccoli salad. 

Cucumber Vinegar Salad

The fresh dill and vinegar in this salad provide the ideal harmony of sweet and sour. 

Simple Cabbage Salad

This straightforward recipe for cabbage salad features a basic dressing that helps the cabbage retain its crisp. 

Veggie Salad

Creamy white beans and avocado come together in this vegetarian main dish salad. 

Chopped Power Salad 

This vibrant salad is a great option for a light meal or side dish. 

Green Goddess Salad

The green queen dressing in this recipe for cucumber, tomato, Swiss cheese, and bean salad is created with avocado.

Black Bean Salad

A Black Bean Salad That Requires Zero CookingThe traditional black bean salad is a must-have for any outdoor gathering. 

Chopped Salad 

The chickpeas, cucumber, and feta in this quick chopped salad are reminiscent of the tastes you'd find in a traditional Mediterranean dish. 

Shrimp Cobb Salad

In this quick and easy variation on the traditional Cobb salad, shrimp takes the place of chicken. 

Sesame Kohlrabi

This crowd-pleasing salad has kohlrabi and almonds for a satisfying crunch. 

Japanese Cucumber Salad

This recipe for sunomono calls for English or slicing cucumbers since they are more widely accessible than Japanese cucumbers.

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