Capricorn’s Best Match for Marriage

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Tauruses appreciate Capricorns' financial and emotional support of their families.

Taurus is more expressive than Capricorn, yet they're both skilled communicators and will discuss marriage issues.

They're also devoted. They know how hard it is to start a new relationship, so they commit to one person for life.


Capricorn loves to work and is reliable. Pisces is sympathetic, insightful, and loves helping others achieve.

These two indicators form a balanced, mutually beneficial relationship.

They may overcome life's challenges by building a trusting, respectful relationship.


These indicators are dedicated to excellence and hardworking. Both will work hard to succeed.

Capricorn and Virgo will encourage each other since they want similar things.

Both indications are practical and ordered, so they can rationally decide and act jointly.

Lastly, both signs are kind and faithful, creating a stable and loving connection.


Capricorns are sensible, focused, and persistent. Scorpios are passionate, insightful, and transformative.

Both signs are independent and appreciate their freedom, so they will likely have their own passions and hobbies.

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