Colon Cleansing Smoothies & Other Beverages

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This nutritious smoothie has a hidden source of plant-based protein: red lentils. 

Mango-Ginger Smoothie

Chocolate Avocado Shake

Creaminess is provided not by ice cream but by avocado in this dairy-free, nutritious chocolate shake recipe. 

Chocolate Smoothie

If you're wanting chocolate, try this strawberry-chocolate smoothie. It's so rich that it might double as dessert.

Cherry-Berry Oatmeal Smoothies

The added fiber and protein from oats in your fruit smoothie will keep you going until lunch.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter

 Protein powder is unnecessary because the soymilk, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter already have sufficient amounts of protein.

Berry-Kefir Smoothie

Blend some kefir into your morning smoothie for a healthy dose of probiotics. 

Banana-Cocoa Soy Smoothie

This banana split-inspired morning smoothie is packed with proteins from tofu and soymilk to keep you full until lunch.

Carrot-Apple Smoothie

The coconut milk gives this carrot-apple smoothie a little tropical texture and flavor. 

Banana Protein Smoothie

This variation on a traditional fruit juice is a healthful, fiber-filled smoothie made with tart cranberries and sweet apples.

Apple Smoothie

When cantaloupe is in season, this refreshing smoothie is a great way to beat the heat while still getting your daily dose of fruit.

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