Cookout Foods Everyone Secretly Hates

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Corn on the Cob

It's a sin to let corn go to waste when you can bake it with cheese, make it into bread, or sprinkle it over meat.

Deviled Eggs

When the temperature outdoors hits 90 degrees, the last thing anyone wants to eat is a mashed egg yolk.

Potato Salad

Making your pieces too tiny, overcooking them, or undercooking them are just a few ways to ruin a potato salad. 

Collard Greens

Bless your heart if you've found a technique to cook collard greens that doesn't result in a sad slop of greenish-brown leaves. 


Vinegar-based slaw is superior to mayonnaise-based slaw, although both get watery when left out in the sun. 

Baked Beans

It's acceptable practice to slather baked beans all over a hot dog. 


There is nothing intrinsically bad about kabobs; the problem usually lies in how they are prepared.

Exotic Meats

While it's commendable that you want to expose your visitors to new experiences.

Top Sandwiches

Two-handed sandwiches are impractical during barbecues, since most people eat standing up or balancing a paper plate on their lap. 

Grilled Chicken

It's difficult to cook a huge quantity of chicken evenly all at once. 

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