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Emotionally Unstable Zodiac Signs


Cancer's moods are influenced by the Moon's phases. Cancers are water elements, therefore a single pebble might affect their emotions.

Kids can go from chuckles and smiles after breakfast to cranky and crying by lunch with little provocation.

Cancers aren't intentionally moody. They just feel more than others. Alone time helps restore balance.


Libras need equilibrium. "Some are adept at keeping balance, but it takes a lot of energy, focus, and work.

They'll try to put equal effort into everything, from profession to relationships, because they want to maintain their life balanced.


Scorpios are Water signs. Their emotions can overwhelm people around them.


Sagittarius aren't typically emotionally unstable. They're inconsistent emotionally.

They'll react to a surprise with delight and total elation, but on another they'll react furious, perplexed, or uninterested.

Their attitude causes this emotional instability. They'll act differently if they're preoccupied about tomorrow's plans.


Pisces, like other Water signs, can feel intensely. They're intuitive and sensitive to their surroundings and others' feelings.

Luckily, most Pisces can channel their feelings into art or music. They're emotionally unstable without an outlet.

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