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Exercises for Seniors to Improve Balance

Back Leg Raises

Senior strength training strengthens your bottom and lower back.

Behind a chair. Gently pull your right leg back without bending your knees or pointing your toes.

After one second, slowly lower your leg. 10–15 times per leg.

Single Limb Stance with Arm

Senior balancing exercises increase coordination.

Stand with feet together and arms by a chair. Raise your left hand.

Slowly lift your left foot. Ten seconds. On the right, repeat.

Side Leg Raise

Next to a chair, stand with your ankles together and arms at your sides.

Raise the left forearm above the head. Then, lift your left foot off the ground slowly.

Maintain this position for ten seconds. Perform the identical action on the right side.

Balancing Wand

Seniors can execute this balance exercise while seated. You will require a cane or other type of implement.

Simply remove the broom's tip before beginning to use a broomstick for this purpose.

Wall Pushups

Seniors who have access to a wall can perform this strength-training exercise.

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