Facts And Myths About Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Fact: Generous

They are generous, devoted, and kind. In times of trouble, they will always make time for you, regardless of how busy they are.

Cancers are simple to put faith in. Once you enter their life, anticipate constant affection.

Fact: Self-Aware

Cancers are emotionally sensitive, which can make them seem whiny.

The truth is that they are simply very empathetic people who recognize that they feel more intensely than others.

Fact: Moody

Cancers' emotions vary as swiftly as the Moon. In addition, being water signs, they are naturally sentimental and nostalgic.

Fact: Homebodies

When you are with a Cancer, you may finally feel at home.

Cancers spend a lot of time and money adorning their space, whatever it is, to feel anchored and protected.

Myth: Crybabies

Cancers will cry during rom-coms, "the good ol' days," and virtually any other mushy entertainment.

Cancers don't cry! Their sensitivity is mostly justified. Cancers do their best in a tough world.

Myth: Insecure

Cancer, one of the four cardinal signs, leads the zodiac. Emotional doesn't mean insecure.

They're just emotional, okay? Work shows their self-confidence.

Myth: Clingy

Their loyalty makes them seem possessive or needy. They would die for their loved ones and expect the same.

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