Friendship Compatibility of Pisces and Gemini

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Gemini and Pisces share a gregarious side and an introverted side. They'll get along when they meet and become fast friends.

Both zodiac signs are fluid, therefore they don't dwell and can adapt.

Geminis' dualism is also caused by their reticence to express their emotions. Pisces, like Gemini, are accepting of others.


Pisces love daydreaming and may seem strange to Geminis. This adventurer will also be curious.

Emotional expression differs too.
Pisces are more expressive than Geminis, who hide their emotions.


Pisces are Yin and Geminis Yang. Yin and Yang's equilibrium create a beautiful relationship.

Conversely, when things go wrong with these two, they go big time.

After a fight, these zodiac signs retreat into their fantasies, making matters worse.

Pisces wait for their partners to start the make-up talk, and Geminis ghost you, making their connection fragile.

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