Hidden Meanings Of The Zodiac Signs’ Anger

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1. Aries

May get upset when their aims or desires are thwarted or when they feel out of control.

2. Taurus

May become enraged if they feel threatened or if someone is stubborn.

3. Gemini

May get irritated if they feel limited or lied to.

4. Cancer

May become upset if they feel their true feelings or limitations are being neglected or disrespected.

5. Leo

May get furious when their ego or pride is hurt or when they don't get the attention or acclaim they deserve.

6. Virgo

May get furious when their routine is broken when someone is negligent or irresponsible.

7. Libra

May get furious when their belief in equality or justice is breached or if somebody is being aggressive or forceful.

8. Scorpio

May get enraged when they feel betrayed or manipulated.

9. Sagittarius

May get furious when their independence or views are challenged or if a person is narrow-minded or judgemental.

10. Capricorn

May get irritated when their power or status is challenged or when someone doesn't take their obligations seriously.

11. Aquarius

May get furious if they believe their uniqueness or opinions are being stifled.

12. Pisces

May get furious if their creativity or vision is ignored or if someone is disrespectful to their feelings.

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