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How Water Helps with Weight Loss

1. Water is Low Calorie

Water is calorie-free, and replacing sugary beverages with water helps you eliminate superfluous calories from your diet.

Water is Low Calorie

If you're having difficulty losing weight, examine your fluid intake and be sure to account for any additional calories you're adding to your diet. 

2. Promotes Hydration

Your body depends on water for survival and correct function.

Promotes Hydration

Even modest dehydration can impair cognitive function, mood, cardiovascular health, and energy levels (4). 

3. Supports Metabolism

In addition to facilitating digestion, nutrient absorption, and fat metabolism, water performs multiple functions in the body (6).

Supports Metabolism

Some studies suggest that consuming water may increase calorie expenditure, thereby promoting weight loss.

4. Calms Your Appetite

Water can aid in stomach filling and may also help you feel more satiated.

Calms Your Appetite

In one study, participants who consumed two glasses (16 ounces) of water before meals lost 44% more weight than those who did not drink water (11).

5. Supports Your Workouts

Maintaining appropriate hydration is also essential for fitness.

Supports Your Workouts

Staying hydrated during your workouts can help reduce fatigue, improve endurance, decrease your maximum pulse rate

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