Instructional Yoga Positions

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Low Lunge

Your front leg should form a straight angle with the floor, with your knee precisely over your ankle. 

Tree Pose

If you have never tried a balancing stance before, tree is a great place to start. 

Downward Facing Dog Split

The development of a strong trunk begins with the introduction of balanced positions.

Plank Pose

Calling plank a balancing posture may sound odd given how unlikely it is that you would topple over.

Cat-Cow Stretch

If you're experiencing back discomfort, Cat-Cow Pose may be the first and most crucial yoga posture you learn. 

Bridge Pose

Try a supported bridge with a block if the original game of Bridge seems too difficult. 

Cobra Pose

In a typical flow yoga class, the Cobra posture will be practiced numerous times as part of the vinyasa flow. 

Knees, Chest, and Chin 

Unfortunately, this means that some children may be pushed into chaturanga before they are ready. 

Staff Pose

Modern people seldom squat. It's a "hip opener" in yoga since it stretches the pelvic muscles.

Cobbler's Pose

In Cobbler's Pose, you allow gravity to assist in extending the inner thighs.

Easy Pose

There's no need to struggle when seated cross-legged.

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