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1. Leo and Aries 

Leos are fire signs, so when they love, they love fiercely. Leo and Aries' fiery love may illuminate the globe. 

2. Leo and Taurus 

Tough-loving Taureans are grounded. Taureans often criticize, even those they love, before displaying affection.

3. Leo and Gemini

The Gemini is Leo's ideal partner. A Gemini partner can breathe life into a Leo man's love. 

4. Leo and Cancer

Cancer and Leo love languages clash. Leo men and Cancerians may never find love.

5. Leo and Leo

Leos in love have comparable interests, objectives, and life ambitions.

6. Leo and Virgo

Virgo women and Leo men will quickly attract because to their brains and attractiveness. 

7. Leo and Libra 

Leo and Libra would make the perfect couple. Their friendship will grow into infinite love.

8. Leo and Scorpio

Scorpio represents darkness to Leo. Both are intense, yet Scorpio is secretive, profound, and enigmatic while Leo is bright, warm, and open.

9. Leo and Sagittarius

Sagittarians are generous, helpful, and loving, which Leo men enjoy. 

10. Leo and Capricorn 

Leo and Capricorn will have to work hard to make their partnership succeed due to their low compatibility.

11. Leo and Aquarius

Leo men and Aquarius partners are like that. Aquarians will not kneel to a Leo king.

12. Leo and Pisces

Both zodiacs have significant emotional requirements, making it challenging to focus on their partner's.

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