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Love Confessions by Zodiac Sign

You're a flirt and your charm is destroying lives, Leo. 

1. Leo

Given this information, it would be shocking if you didn't receive at least one love confession.


This year, you'll develop a lot of new connections, but one of them will be crucial. 

2. Virgo

You might have to force yourself to believe it.


If you're a Libra and you've had a rough start to the year, things are looking up.

3. Libra

Your significant other or a secret admirer may finally work up the courage to tell you they love you.


You're going to put in extra effort this year to make sure your romantic partnership is absolutely extraordinary.

4. Scorpio

it's safe to assume that your partner will return the romantic gesture with something equally impressive.


Even if relationships won't be easy for Sag, love will knock at the door for singletons who shouldn't be.

5. Sagittarius

Afraid to announce love in due time, with just the right amount of urgency to split up.


Your stars predict inexplicable love and a beautiful love confession. 

6. Capricorn

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