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Lucky and Unlucky Colors Zodiac Signs


Red brings you luck. Energy, ferocity, and purity define your personality. White and yellow are auspicious too, along with red.


Tauruses prefer white and pink. Taurus, ruled by Venus and Earth, can benefit from green energy.


Pink and white are auspicious colors for Gemini, as Mercury is their ruling star.


White, red, purple, gold, and lime yellow can offer Cancer luck. The Moon rules this constellation.


Leos can boost confidence and work success with orange, yellow, and clear red.


Virgos, ruled by Mercury, should avoid red in the new year since it will extinguish and hinder their wishes.


If you can't match orange or white, try light blue, a lucky color that will help your mind in difficult times.


Scorpio is hot-tempered but kind. Sometimes stubborn and dictatorial, yet deep and emotional. 


Sagittarians should wear dark yellow or orange yellow. Sagittarius likes green since Jupiter rules them.


Capricorns should wear black or purple to boost positivity. These hues fit Saturn, Capricorn's governing star.


Light blues and purples bring Aquarius luck. Why Saturn rules Aquarius.


Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, are lucky in orange and yellow.

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