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Mixes of Hearty Dishes

Stuffed Pasta Shells

This is like the holy grail of comfort food combinations. 

Pancakes stand in for traditional tortillas in my sugary twist on breakfast tacos.

Banana Breakfast Tacos

Cheese Steak Pizza

I put deli meat, mozzarella cheese, and cooked vegetables on top of a crescent roll shell. 

Brownie Pizza

Fresh strawberries, chopped almonds, and chocolate syrup sit over a layer of whipped.


In recognition of two of my family's all-time favorite dishes, I came up with these cheeseburger quesadilla hybrids. 

Spanakopita Spring Rolls

I was motivated to adapt traditional spanakopita into a portable appetizer.

Tomato Soup Bake

The comforting flavors of sandwiches made with grilled cheese and tomato soup come together in this dish. 

Gyro Pizza

This veggie-loaded pizza brings to mind the Mediterranean since its toppings are reminiscent of a Greek salad. 

Cheeseburger Tater Tot Bake

Your children may be bribed into doing their homework, chores

Lemonade Pie

Even while I enjoy bringing a sweet dish to potlucks, I don't enjoy spending the entire day in the kitchen.

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