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Most Argumentative Zodiac Sign

A Taurean won't initiate conflict until they've exhausted all other options.

1. Tauru

When they start fighting, though, they become difficult to deal with.


Scorpios are a lot like Taureans in that they avoid fights if possible but can spew fire if they feel personally attacked.

2. Scorpio

They will actively try to damage you with their words, even if you have no such intentions.


When chatting with a Cancer, you should take additional care to be kind and considerate of their feelings.

3. Cancer

They have a level head and a keen understanding of human psychology, yet they won't back down if they're offended.


If you choose to argue with a Leo, be prepared to hear harsh words, accusations, and perhaps a push beyond the limits of civil discourse. 

4. Leo

When an issue has been resolved, a Leo will persistently try to escalate the conflict.


Those born under this zodiac sign tend to be reasonable and not always looking for a confrontation.

5. Gemini

Nonetheless, their reactions in a debate are heavily influenced by their emotional condition.


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