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Most Cruel Zodiac Signs 


Scorpio self-protects. They're always terrified of being wounded, therefore they don't open up. 

Scorpio loves carefully. Scorpio'sdevotion is conditional. Scorpio requires his lover's loyalty and must reciprocate.

Scorpio will be miserable, desperate, and cruel if the partner can't achieve this.


Aries is energetic, impulsive, and irresponsible. They do everything with passion.

Aries is idealistic, therefore when they sense their partner is unhappy, they want to deny or break up.

 Aries frequently breaks up by leaving without looking back. This attitude hurts.


Taurus is devoted to love. They sacrifice wholeheartedly for those they love.

They'll do whatever makes their partner happy, even if they don't enjoy it.

Taurus gives wholeheartedly if the other half gives wholeheartedly. 

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