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Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

Aquarius, a risky zodiac sign, can hide their true feelings. Aquarian minds are hard to read. 

1. Aquarius 

Even if you think you know someone, there will always be a twist to their story.


This zodiac will do everything they can to offer you what you deserve.

2. Scorpio 

Scorpios remember their mistreatment. Scorpios always retaliate. 


Libras hate routine. They like to express themselves with their pranks, which might be harmful for us.

3. Libra 

Their indifference makes it hard to assess the damage this indication can do.


Pisceans were fairytale lovers. Being romantics, they can obsess over love. 

4. Pisces 

Pisces are procrastinators who may struggle to convey their deep feelings.


Air signs are deadly. Geminis master communicating and interpersonal manipulation. 

5. Gemini 

They know how to read people and give them what they desire.


They act first of all and think later, unaware of their collateral damage. 

6. Aries 

They defend their methods. They are one of the most vengeful zodiac signs. They also lack empathy. At all.


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