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Most Expensive Fruits In The World

White Jewel Strawberries

White gem strawberries, a kind native to Japan, are considered a delicacy and a luxury.

Seka-Ichi Apples

The Sekai-Ichi apples grown in Japan are among the biggest and mildest-tasting in the world. 

Buddha-Shaped Pears

A Chinese farmer spent years perfecting his method before he was able to use a special mold to grow pears in the shape of Buddha. 

Yubari King Melon

The Yubari King melon, considered by many to be the finest of all Japanese luxury fruits.

Square Watermelon

Square watermelons, designed to fit into narrow Japanese refrigerators.

Dekopon Citrus

A dekopon is a type of citrus fruit that is roughly equivalent to what you'd get if a mandarin were to grow to be over a pound in size. 

Miyazaki Mango

The Taiyo No Tamago Mango, or Miyazaki Mango, is a kind of mango that is famous for its high sugar content and striking appearance. 

Densuke Watermelon

Watermelons of the Densuke kind are among the most costly in the world.

Ruby Roman Grapes

These grapes range bunches are harvested year, making them exceptionally scarce.

Heligan Pineapple

Ineapple from Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan in southwestern England.

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