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Most Hypocritical Zodiac Sign

The Sag personality is both the most forthright and the most dishonest of any zodiac sign.

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians crave sincerity and are often tricked into stating one thing and doing another shortly thereafter.


Their unrelenting ambition drives them to do whatever it takes to reach the top. 


Despite Gemini's undeniable charisma and easygoing demeanor, they aren't likely to betray those around them in exchange for personal gain. 

2. Gemini

When a Gemini sets their mind on a goal, they will stop at nothing to see it through, even if it means lying to others.


Pisces are known for their positive outlook on life and their eagerness to help others.

3. Pisces

The Piscean need to impress others often leads them to pretend to be someone they are not.


Characteristics of the Libra personality type include an apparently sinless exterior masking serious deceitful tendencies.

4. Libra

Libra's urge to please and be acknowledged might make them change into somebody they aren't, which they despise.


Those born under the Virgo sign are always ready to point out the flaws in others.

5. Virgo

Virgo is quick to pass judgment on others, but they refuse to see their own flaws.


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