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Most Important Exercises for Men

1. Deadlift

The deadlift is a wonderful foundational exercise for any fitness regimen. 


The deadlift, probably the most famous of all exercises, challenges every major muscle group and is arguably the greatest measure of strength.

2. Back squat

The barbell back squat, like the deadlift, works almost every major muscle group and is the king of leg-developing exercises. 

Back squat

Athletes credit the squat for their speed, jumps, and strength gains. 

3. Bench Press

This technique builds strong pecs, arms, and forearms for an authoritative appearance with or without a shirt. 

Bench Press

Combine that with the testosterone this action produces to create muscle and watch your "not much black book" fill up.

4.Dumbbell romanian deadlift

This may be the best exercise for lower-back health and glute development. 

Dumbbell romanian deadlift

This technique also stretches the hamstrings, reducing back pain after sitting all day.

5. Kettlebell swing

This forceful hip hinge, which works the glutes and shoulders, is often mistaken for a squat and front raise. 

Kettlebell swing

The explosive hip-hinge action and cardio will give you a strong, ripped body any guy would envy.

6. Suspended pushup

For years, trainers have promoted suspension-training systems like the TRX, and fitness enthusiasts are starting to listen. 

Suspended pushup

The instability of the handles in a pushup activates more muscle fibers, which builds strength 

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