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Most Toxic Zodiac Signs Ranked


Scorpio, the most poisonous zodiac sign, is caustic and aloof. Mars-ruled Aquarius isn't afraid to argue.

They're cynical. Their whining and pessimism could break the mood and discourage others.


Aquarius, the zodiac's rebel, doesn't mind stirring up trouble.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the planet of strangers, doesn't care about impressions. They seem to enjoy disturbing societal dynamics to gain power.


Cancer is considered the most poisonous zodiac sign. Cancers are noted for their emotionality.

If you're friends, they're terrific. But, they hide a darker side. Cancers are moody, irritable, and passive-aggressive, unlike other signs.


Gemini, a sensible and persistent zodiac sign, is the next poisonous sign. Geminis are stubborn and apathetic when they lose.

This confident symbol pressures its opponents to make them feel small. If confronted, they can be hostile and use words to discredit you.


Aries ranks 5th most poisonous. Aries are always fun. They're boisterous.

If this indicator detects disagreement, joy may fade. Aries enjoys doing everything well.


Female Sagittarius is the most poisonous sign. They are charming and captivating, but untrustworthy friends.

As they're selfish, don't ask them to help you move or celebrate a major life event.

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