No-Equipment Weight Loss Exercises

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1. Jumping jacks

It challenges every muscle group and boosts your pulse rate, a strong indicator of difficulty.

2. Walking lunge

It will burn practically every leg and glute muscle, requiring calories to rebuild them.

3. Mountain climber

While trying to burn calories, more muscle groups are preferable.

4. Squat jump

It requires explosive surges of energy that stimulate the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes significantly.

5. Vertical leg crunch

Holding your legs in the air necessitates an isometric hold that can challenge even the strongest individuals.

6. Pushup

It stimulates your pectoral muscles, which are among the largest muscle groups in your body.

7. Jump lunge

It engages the butt, quadriceps, and hamstrings while elevating the heart rate.

8. Superman

It activates one of the greatest muscle groups in the body, the back muscles.

9. V-up

It engages the entire core and necessitates a ferocious effort, meeting the criteria for "challenging."

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