Overdramatic In Relationships Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are moon-ruled and emotional. Moodiness might cause their sentiments to overwhelm in relationships.

Cancerians can adjust their dramatic ways. 

Cancers should acknowledge their emotions instead of repressing them.


Leos are noisy and emotional. "Leo appreciates being on stage and part of that is being upfront about how they feel.

Leos can "speak poetically about the meaning of life to shouting their love from the roofs.


Scorpios are intense, theatrical, and passionate. Drama makes them more enthusiastic about their partner.

Scorpios want to control everything, especially their close relationships.

Astrologer advises Scorpios to let go of their demand for control to cease their drama.


Sagittarius marches to their own drum and can lose interest in a scenario soon.

So, Sagittarius may be theatrical since one minute everything is fine and the next minute everything changes.

Sagittarius can fix this to avoid drama. Sags benefit from staying put and reassuring their lovers.

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