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Salad Greens To Think About

Frisée, often called curly endive, is a great choice for salads when a mild bitter flavor is desired. 


This is a short love letter to Iceberg lettuce, which is often criticized for being boring and lacking.


Many of us have been around long enough to remember when kale, now a trendy superfood.


Little gem lettuce heads are tiny and they look like little romaine hearts, thus the name.

Little gem

Don't know what mâche is? Corn salad, field salad, lamb's lettuce, and nut lettuce are some of its other names. 


This dark, leafy green is characterized by its jagged leaves and has a peppery taste like arugula.


Oak leaf is one of the most underappreciated greens, in our opinion. 

Oak leaf lettuce

It's safe to assume that romaine lettuce will be used in your Caesar salad. 


The crimson spots that dot each leaf of these hearty greens will offer a pop of color to your next salad.

Speckled lettuce

We're certain that you don't need us to give you the spinach rundown. 


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