Salad Toppers to Rekindle Your Love for Salad

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1. Fresh herbs

You don't have to limit your salad options to just lettuce.

2. Crumbled chips

Intriguing theory: potato chips are a welcome addition to any salad. 

Crumbled chips

They are the perfect finishing touch for your salad because of the salty crunch they offer.

3. Roasted chickpeas

After a brief trip to the oven, high-fiber chickpeas take on a delightfully crispy texture. 

Roasted chickpeas

If you want to save time in the kitchen, you may additionally purchase crispy chickpeas from the shop.

4. Nuts

Add some crunch and flavor to your next salad with a handful of nuts. 

5. Seeds

Sprinkle some roasted seeds of sunflower or pepitas on top for some extra texture and nutrition.

6. Fruit

You're losing out if you don't put fruit in your salad.

7. Hummus

Making hummus into a creamy salad dressing is where the magic really happens. 

8. Cheese

Feta, blue, Parmesan, and aged Cheddar are some of our favorite cheeses because of their bold tastes.

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