Stomach Exercises For Men And Women

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1. Shot Put

This form of abdominal exercise typically targets the buttocks, arms, obliques, and legs.

Shot Put

The left arm should be at shoulder level and the right arm should be bent by the ear, with the elbow and palm of the right arm resting on the ear.

2. Elbow Plank

One foot at a time, approach the plank position while skipping.

Elbow Plank

By tightening or contracting your abdominal muscles, you can prevent your body from rising or lowering.

3. The Side Elbow Plank

Begin in the elbow plank position, then move your torso so that your hips are stacked on top of each other, and flatten your airborne arms.

Lift this pose for approximately 60 seconds and after 30 seconds, enhance your hip beat.

The Side Elbow Plank

4. The Reverse Curl

Begin by lying on the ground with your hands at your sides.

The Reverse Curl

Make careful to keep your shoulders and arms on the ground while lifting your hips off the floor using your abdominal muscles.

5. The Windmill

Stand with your legs and shoulders shoulder-width apart, and then rotate your left hip outward.

Remember that your right foot is vertical with respect to your left foot, and extend the outside of your right hand in the direction above.

The Windmill

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