The Most Loyal Partner of Zodiac Sign Ranked

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1. Cancer

They have many close friends and may wish to discuss your relationship issues with them.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios never cheat or say unpleasant things about their partners. Individuals born under this sign understand loyalty.

3. Pisces

Pisces thrives in relationships and rarely seeks happiness elsewhere.

4. Leo

Leo will vigorously defend your interests when they do. It takes a lot to break a commitment.

5. Taurus

Tauruses are stubborn and don't let go of anything, including relationships. Principled loyalty.

6. Virgo

Virgo never lies. If they agree with the critique, it may be half-hearted, but they will perform their duty.

7. Libra

Libra enjoys love and being in a partnership with someone to share everything with.

8. Gemini

Geminis are terrific friends but not partners. Because they have changing interests.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns are inflexible. They dislike changing their life to accommodate others.

10. Aries

Aries are self-centered. If their interests don't match their partner's, they'll do what's right for them without considering the implications.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius are autonomous, even in relationships. If necessary, they will act alone.

12. Sagittarius

Sagittarius enjoy exploring the globe. They can't resist temptation.

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