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The Most Power-Hungry Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius wants everyone's family and coworkers to bow down.

1. Sagittarius

Go big or go home" is the Sagittarius motto. 


Aries desire to control at home and work. Aries' ambition might originate from wanting more.

2. Aries

Expect to stay up late with an Aries. These precise planners want respect and achievement to be happy.


Tauruses aspire to be untouchable at work and adore their jobs. They want success and wealth because they like luxury.

3. Taurus

This single-minded sign goes after what they desire and may bulldoze others in the process.


Leos are charismatic and want everyone to adore and admire them.

4. Leo

High-profile sites with social capital to be obtained" are Leos' preferred locations.


Capricorns are focused. Work success is life success to them.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are great politicians who "establish long-term goals.


Scorpio defines power by its intimidation and audacity therefore they excel in banking and business.

6. Scorpio

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