The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Scam You

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1. Aquarius

Aquarius loves freedom. While sophisticated, self-sufficient, brilliant, remarkable, and hopeful, they mostly care about themselves.


They are emotionally prepared to ruin you. This air sign is pleasant yet reckless.

2. Leo

The swindle relies on confidence, and Leo is the best. Leos love attention.


They will lie to get your attention and satisfy their ego. They're terrific con artists.

3. Aries

Aries, like Leo, loves attention. They prefer a blindly faithful disciple who simply wants to be with them because of their tremendous presence.


This fire sign is insensitive, short-tempered, and treacherous. It suggests hustle.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are masters at deception. They're selfish, cynical, fearful, unyielding, and frugal.


Capricorns are detail-oriented and can mislead you. It's not all horrible.

5. Scorpio

They are so brilliant at communication and manipulation that you never know when they will trick you.


You'll never know this water sign's exact goals or identity. Even after being fooled.

Cancer is calm and nice, so they may trick you. They're the zodiac sign most prone to deceive.

6. Cancer

Cancerians are irritable and hungry for revenge. If you hurt them, they have no problem conning you.


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