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Unluckiest Zodiac Signs


Scorpio dislikes Mercury retrograde, especially its current location in the fourth Capricorn house.

This astrology passage invites you to release your anxieties, doubts, and self-consciousness.

Seeing at your darkness is uncomfortable. But it will lighten you and resolve this paradox.


Moon square Uranus imbues Taurus with an almost need to seek stimulation. 

 This can result in a life with numerous ramifications and ups and downs.

It is rather difficult owing to the emergence of Taurus's erratic conduct and forceful temperament.


Cancer is currently most vulnerable. Moon-Mars squares will disrupt emotional regulation.

Cancer must purify the energy from these two heavenly bodies or exhibit unpleasant emotions. 

You're more emotional and irritable than others, so if you don't control it, you'll go overboard.

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