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Very Trusting To Extremely Suspicious Zodiac Sign Ranked

You are a gentle sparrow who finds the positive in others even when there is none.

1. Pisces

Your kindness and trust make others less inclined to betray you. Because of instincts, people disclose you their darkest secrets.

2. Libra

Trusting people brings forth their best. Trust people. Trust them until they prove otherwise.

3. Gemini

You trust others because you're honest. Only money makes you distrust people.

4. Cancer

You have good judgment about trustworthiness.

5. Virgo

Because you believe everyone is honorable, you trust them. You're always astonished when they're liars, double-crossers, and backstabbers.

6. Aquarius

You trust politicians and journalists. When your ex cheated, you can't trust anyone.

7. Taurus

They were untrustworthy, not liars. You trust until someone breaches that unspoken relationship.

8. Scorpio

Since your best buddy in school leaked your innermost secret, you don't trust anyone to keep secrets.

9. Sagittarius

You've been burnt too many times to trust anyone. You don't believe they didn't mean it.

10. Capricorn

Your wary temperament makes people tiptoe around you.

11. Leo

You abhor liars and most people are. You see only liars and incredibly lousy liars.

12. Aries

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