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Why Each Zodiac Sign Get Dumped

You're too possessive and jealous.
Aries is charming and assertive in relationships.

1. Aries

You're unwilling to compromise.
You can be rigid and inflexible when making decisions, which can hurt your relationships.

2. Taurus

You're too fickle with what you want.
You're popular in dating because Geminis are social, lively, and flirting.

3. Gemini

You're moody.
Cancers love to pamper their loved ones. You're probably a hopeless romantic.

4. Cancer

You always make it about yourself.
Leos are cool, confident performers. Your light glows brightly.

5. Leo

Always be right.
If you're not careful, you can overuse helpful advise and become critical.

6. Virgo

You need a lot of attention.
Libra wins the neediest sign. Venus, the planet of love, makes you happier.

7. Libra

You're bad at opening up.
Scorpio, it's true that you're often a mystery.

8. Scorpio

You don't take things seriously. 
Your casual, enthusiastic, and flirtatious personality attracts people.

9. Sagittarius

You take things way too seriously.
You're one of the zodiac's most honest and trustworthy signs.

10. Capricorn

You're a little flakey and noncommittal.
You're an Aquarius, thus you're unorthodox in your dating style.

11. Aquarius

You attach too quickly.
Dreamy Pisces want a fairytale. You see dating, love, and marriage optimistically.

12. Pisces

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