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Zodiac Sign Who Lies Least


Tauruses are honest. They lie the worst, so they choose to tell the truth.

They'd rather tell you you're ugly than slander you behind your back. This makes them the best life mentors.


Even under duress, the Sagittarius will not lie. They protect everyone around them. Their age is hard to lie about. They're trustworthy

This zodiac sign makes great friends and leaders. They'll always tell the truth. They never sugarcoat their words.


Cancerians are middle-of-the-road but more honest. They usually tell the truth, yet they may lie convincingly in a minute.

They lie beautifully and say the truth. Cancerians can conceal your absence by lying. They can lead and persuade. They're the best friends.


Aries tell the truth and occasionally lie to feel better. They may lie to you and bring out your weaknesses if they're frustrated, but they'll always apologize.

Sincere and fair. Until you upset them, they won't make anyone sad. Despite their kindness, they may be a nightmare. Always be honest with Aries.


Virgos are the most sensitive and honest. They're easily duped. They're honest but kind.

They always protect you from the truth. They're kind and may tell you the truth about something completely unrelated.

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