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Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Be Overthinkers


Mercury regulates information, thus Geminis, quick-witted air signs, tend to overthink.

Geminis might get buried in information, which can make it hard to go forward.

Even if you haven't investigated everything, Geminis can go on. It's not necessary to be an expert or acquire everyone's opinion to progress.


The only non-air sign is Virgo. Mercury, the cerebral planet, rules these earth babies, so they focus on every detail.

Virgos are the most structured zodiac sign, and their meticulousness makes them overthink.

If you're a perfectionist Virgo, try journaling or listening to your instincts.


Air signs inherently seek harmony and justice, so they often get stuck considering the pros and disadvantages while making a decision.

Looking at all aspects of an issue can help, but too much of it can hurt. Yet, Libras should remember that they can always change their minds.


Aquarius is the zodiac's most creative and visionary.

But because air signs are so concept-driven and cognitively focused, they can easily get lost in overthinking.

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