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Zodiac Signs Have Bad Timing In Love

Aries, your impulsivity will ignite you today. You may like someone and wish them well.

1. Aries

Since you're knowledgeable and analytical, you may overanalyze that individual and tell them what you think of them, which is nerve-wracking and unwelcome.

Because you think you're always right, you won't know how to handle their reaction, which will make people dislike you.

You feel mixed today. You're excited for a new romance. Everything is new, giving you a second chance.

2. Virgo

Moon conjunct Pluto makes you think this new relationship could hurt you if you're too vulnerable.

What you believe is cute or "play-hostile" becomes paranoia and intense self-defense.

Sagittarius, you're off today cuz you can't tell when to act.

3. Sagittarius

You'll let your nerves speak for you when talking to your new romantic interest.

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