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3 Zodiac Signs That Are Pisces’ Soulmates


Taurus will give Pisces stability and Pisces will give Taurus unwavering affection and support.

Taurus may take longer to fall in love than Pisces, but they'll admire Pisces' commitment while they decide.

They both value a comparable ease of life,” Terrones explains. "They're creative and will inspire each other.


Cancer-Pisces pairs share an almost telepathic link that fulfills their desire for trust and intimacy.

Cancer's maternal leadership can shake Pisces out of its occasional lethargy and help them both grow.

Cancer and Pisces, date to discover their partner. They may feel like they found their soulmate when they meet.

In many respects, the Cancer-Pisces connection is a storybook romance.


Opposites attract in Virgo-Pisces relationships. Virgo is meticulous and ordered, while Pisces is laid-back.

They compliment one other despite appearing incongruous.

Virgo's earthy character provides a frame into which imaginative Pisces can sow their airy seeds and receive fast rewards.

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