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Zodiac Signs That Feel Especially Tense


Aries, the full moon will hammer your self-esteem hard.

Being faster-paced, you may feel frustrated by Libra energy, which wants to calm down and compromise.

Aries values independence, yet external factors may shut down free will during this time.

Aries to watch for intensifying inner tensions as Mars struggles to be heard and seen.


Libra, you're facing your sister sign, Aries, and you'll have to face your relationship issues.

Libra will encounter interpersonal issues. Being the zodiac's diplomat, Libra doesn't like to rock the boat.

The full moon will show how Libras might over-compromise and stay in unhappy and imbalanced situations longer than they should.


Capricorn, your family is in trouble. Work is vital to you, and throughout Libra season, you're trying hard to maintain equilibrium.

The full moon in Aries may make Capricorn feel trapped between their private and public lives.

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