Zodiac Signs That Love The Hardest

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1. Taurus

They won't enjoy a sentimental gambit until they're completely at ease with the other person.


They can't move on from their past loves and become incredibly amicable, making it impossible.

2. Cancer

Cancerians are highly sentimental people who have a hard time getting over a lost love.


Their actions and behavior in front of their darling are a little bit odd and very obvious, even if they won't be overly loud about it.

3. Virgo

Contrary to appearances, Virgos are actually quite the opposite on the inside. 


Despite their analytical nature, they are incapable of having a casual relationship if they truly care for someone.

4. Libra

The Libra personality is one that finds joy in appreciating the little things in life. 


In this way, their feelings for another person are not regulated.

5. Scorpio

They love deeply and passionately because of their emotional nature. 


It takes time and effort for a scorpion to trust someone, but once they do.

6. Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces are hopeless romantics who can't help but compare love to a spell. 


Perhaps that's what causes them to feel such intense passion for one another. 

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